Membership of FEPE

Membership of FEPE International is open to all persons, legal entities, companies and federations which are active in any way in the field of outdoor advertising.

Membership of FEPE International is determined after making an application to join. The General Assembly decides on the admission of new members on the basis of a proposal by the Board.

All members of FEPE International have access to the extranet on the FEPE website.

FEPE International members benefit from reduced charges to attend FEPE events (annual congress, world congress, workshops etc.)

The constitution of FEPE International makes provision for the following membership categories:

Members with voting rights

Full member, National Associations:
5 votes
Annual contribution: 11000 Euros

Individual National Members (Poster Contractor):
1 vote
Annual contribution: 1500 Euros

Individual International Members (Poster Contractor):
1 vote for 1-7 countries
2 votes for 8-12 countries
3 votes for 12-17 countries
4 votes for 18 countries or more
Annual contribution: 1200 Euros plus 200 Euros for each additional country (maximum 5000 Euros)

Affiliate members with no voting rights

Advertisers: 500 Euros
Advertising Agencies: 500 Euros
Outdoor Specialists: 1500 Euros
Suppliers: 2000 Euros

Application for membership

Download the National Association membership application

Download the National Contractor membership application

Download the International Contractor membership application

Download the Advertiser membership application

Download the Advertising Agency membership application

Download the Outdoor Specialist membership application

Download the Supplier membership application

Download the FEPE International bylaws