Alexander Epin

President – 062-Reclama Transit Media Agency

Alexander Epin was born in St-Petersburg (Russia). Postgraduate in experimental nuclear physics (1986, Politechnical University)

— in 1987 Alexander founded computer supermarket Ascod. In 1993 Mr. Epin became a co-founder of advertising agency 062-Reclama, one of the first private advertising businesses that emerged at the post-soviet landscape.

For almost 20 years Alexander Epin has served as the President for 062-Reclama, having made the company a Russian leader in transit advertising with a bus fleet of 4200 in St-Petersburg & national coverage in over 150 cities across the Russian Federation.

062-Reclama was the first ad agency to introduce to the Russian market brand new formats, technologies & standards of transit advertising. Since2005 the company hosts International Congress of Transit Advertising.

“Russian Buses: new perspectives on the new landscape”

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