John Williams

Deputy CEO – Moove Media Australia

John Williams is a pioneer of the transit advertising sector, internationally. 25 years ago, with the founders of Buspak, John pioneered the outstandingly successful Buspak brand in Australia.

John then led the Buspak start-up in the United Kingdom that ultimately captured 75% of that massive transit market … in just five years. During those early years, Buspak was the international industry leader in researching the performance of transit advertising in media schedules. John is now spearheading transit specialist Moove Media’s Australian operation and he finds himself having to rebuild and reboot the medium in Australia.

His mission is to bring a renewed and refreshed focus back onto the medium, developing new categories of advertising into transit, and using his proven sales and marketing expertise and Moove’s single-minded focus on transit to increase the value of the medium.

John is once again emphasising the role of research in achieving this goal, and is well progressed in investigating new research techniques for outdoor.

“The Law of the Jungle … The Rise and Rise
of Buses in the New Media Order”

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