“Great conference with some really good content.  I think FEPE is really well placed to help Outdoor by becoming the information web for world wide knowledge sharing. Congratulations on a great success and sticking with it”

Naren Patel
CEO & Customer Service Rep

“I’m writing to thank you for your generous and gracious hospitality; I’m also writing to congratulate you on a most impressive conference. Congratulations again on a superb conference. You all deserve a rest!”

Nancy Fletcher
President and CEO
Outdoor Advertising Association of America

“Each FEPE conference has outdone its predecessor; how you can improve on the speakers or attendees next year will be interesting!
You should be rightly proud of your achievements. Fepe is well and truly at the centre of the OOH universe and I think you achieved your objective of connectivity very well.”

Madalyn Roker
Ayuda Systems

“Thank you very much for 2 wonderful days in Milan, a tremendous convention and an excellent organization. I felt comfortable from the very first moment I set my foot on Italian ground.”

Dr. Kai-Marcus Thäsler
Ströer Digital Media GmbH

“I would like to thank you for such a seamless, faultless experience. As a speaker, everything ran like clockwork – everything from airport connections to IT support.
This was mirrored in the event too. “

James Whitmore
Managing Director

“Congratulations for organising a splendid, well-run and diverse event which my conversations with delegates certainly confirmed cemented FEPE’s standing amongst, existing, lapsed and potential members. “

Bob Wootton
Director of Media and Advertising

Back in Morocco, I must congratulate you on the quality of organization and professionalism of the various speakers at the conference FEPE 2012. Congratulations to all officers of the federation and all those who contributed from near or far to the success of this congress.

Anas Bennani
FCCom, Morocco

Thank you once again for the very good organization of the congress, great accommodation, exciting program and most of all for the excellent presenters and subjects you selected to share with us. It was my first coming at your summit I should acknowledge it far exceeded my expectations. 

Ivan Morov
IM Communications, Bulgaria